We have tried for years to pin down how to explain the flavors of our chocolate. When we started to make bean to bar, it brought so much flavor in to the game of chocolate and also the feeling of joy, exploration, unexplored territory and just... rock'n'roll.
So we have developed our own flavor index to make an attempt of mapping out just how crazy and exciting a bar of chocolate can be.

Credits: This index is inspired by the geniuses at Cave pur Jus.

Rock'n'roll 1
Tastes sweet and fatty, vanilla and cacao powder. Your conventional safe spot in the chocolate universe. You will eat it in one go. You had this before. Many many times. This is a chocolate you can give to your grandmother and she won't blink an eye.

Rock'n'roll 2
This is a chocolate bar, that tastes... well chocolate. It is comforting and balanced.  But it is safe to say, nothing new under the sky. Your in-laws will eat this and think you are such a sweet person who brings chocolate.

Rock'n'roll 3
Wait... what is happening here? It is chocolate but not only. Something IS happening. Could it be some other flavor notes there? Too many berries? Nuts perhaps? You will be able to find some acidity maybe. Your non-foodie friend will think you are the best friend ever.

Rock'n'roll 4
This is when you find yourself saying things like "OMG! This tastes just like a slice of toasted banana bread with orange on top". Or "Wow, it's like eating a raspberry while biting into a lemon. Why do I smell green grass"? This is nothing you will find in your local grocery store. Your specialty coffee friend will love you for bringing a bar like this.

Rock'n'roll 5

This… is… weird. This is mind-blowing. You kind of love it but it's definitely out of your comfort zone. It's punk rock. It's provocative. It's totally new. Flavors you never thought you would find in a bar of chocolate. Chocolate IS dead, but not this one. This one is alive. Is it even chocolate? You're actually not sure but who cares. Your globetrotting foodie friends will feel you finally understood them.

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