- Swedish-made chocolate for your ceremony-

All ceremonial chocolate is made bean to bar here at our chocolate factory in Skåne. The cocoa we use is tested for heavy metals by the producers and is also sustainably grown and carefully produced. Because we buy the cocoa beans from producers we know, we can trace the cocoa and how it was handled (and by whom) from a cocoa fruit on a tree to the chocolate in your hand.

Njut av en harmonisk stund med vår ekologiska ceremoniella kakao från Kokoa Kamili i Tanzania - enbart hållbart odlad kakao för en smakupplevelse i världsklass. Svenska Kakao Upptäck smaken av Afrika med vår högkvalitativa ceremoniella kakao från Kokoa Kamili - perfekt för att skapa en avkopplande atmosfär och bidra till en bättre miljö.
Sustainably grown Ceremonial Cacao from Kokoa Kamili, Tanzania. Drinking chocolate rich in flavor
269 kr
Experience the rich and creamy taste of our ceremonial cacao 100% from Kokoa Kamili in Tanzania. This delicious cacao bean-only chocolate is sustainably grown without the use of pesticides and consists only of high-quality cacao from our producer Kokoa Kamili in Tanzania. Nothing added. Just one ingredient, the cacao beans,  that has been transformed into a creamy chocolate rich in taste. With a soft fruitiness, our ceremonial cacao is perfect for creating a relaxing and harmonious atmosphere during your ceremonies. Our cacao is also an ideal product if you prioritize sustainability and environmentally friendly choices. By choosing our cacao for your cacao ritual, you support a local producer and contribute to a better and more sustainable chocolate industry. Buy our ceremonial cocoa from Kokoa Kamili in Tanzania, a pure product you can trust crafted in Sweden.  Weight: 500 grams Delivered finely grated in a resealable kraft paper bag Region/Producer: Tanzania, Kokoa Kamili Prayer Type: Trinitario Harvest year: 2022 Finely grated extra dark chocolate. Ingredients: Cocoa beans. 100% cocoa. May contain traces of nut and milk. Nutritional content: Nutritional value, 100 g Energy...............2373kJ ........................610kcal Fat. ........................55g of which saturated.......33.5g Carbohydrate............ ...8.8g of which sugar........0.3g Protein...................11.1g Salt....... ...................0g
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Naturligt kakaopulver från Uganda
Natural cacao powder
129 kr
A natural cacao powder?  A minimally processed (non-alkalized) cacao powder to retain all natural flavors. The color is naturally light and the taste is aromatic with fruity notes. Perfect for baking! What is the difference between a non-alkalized and an alkalized powder? read more here Can be used as ceremonial cacao Weight: 220 grams.
Prisbelönt mörk choklad 100 procent sockerfri Extra mörk choklad utan socker 100%
Extra dark chocolate 100% without sugar
59 kr
An extra dark chocolate with intense notes of nuts, raisins & dried figs. For the chocolate lover, our 100 percent chocolate made with only one ingredient - cacao beans. In our version, we have excluded extra cacao butter, which is otherwise a common addition. Why pour milk into the coffee when you can drink it black, is our thought. Weight: 50 grams We buy the beans from the producer Kokoa Kamili with their fermentation station in the small village of Mbingu, a twelve-hour journey on dusty dirt roads from Dar Es Salaam. We have collaborated with Kokoa Kamili since 2016. PRICES Bronze medal in chocolate EC, International Chocolate Awards 2018 Region/Manufacturer: Tanzania, Kokoa Kamili Bean Type: Trinitarian Harvest year: 2022 Ingredients: Cocoa beans
Rostade kakaonibs från rostade kakaobönor Kakaonibs av hög kvalitet från Svenska Kakao
Roasted cacao nibs
55 kr
Cacao nibs. Our cacao beans that we lightly roast and crush into small pieces, nibs, here at the factory. An energy boost, full of antioxidants and other benefits. Enjoy as it is or sprinkle on your morning porridge, yogurt, smoothie or why not a scoop of ice cream. Can be used as ceremonial cacao. Weight: 95 grams Nutritional value per 100 g Energy.2373 kJ/ 610 kcal, Fat............................55 g, of which saturated fat...33.5 g Carbohydrate.................8.8 g, of which sugars..0.3 g Protein..................11.1 g, Salt......................... ...0 g
Fin ekologisk bakchoklad
Baking and drinking chocolate 500g
249 kr
Discover our collection of Swedish-made baking chocolate for the professional home baker or the conscious bonbon maker. The chocolate is also excellent for preparing a more luxurious hot chocolate. (Can be used as ceremonial cacao ). Choose from several different varieties and origins. As always with our products, we do not add extra cacao butter to the original dark chocolate and never soy lecithin or vanilla. We believe in letting the chocolate's natural flavor come through and let it lift your pastries and chocolates to a new flavor level. The chocolate is tempered and grated and delivered in a resealable bag of 500 grams. Perfect quality chocolate for baking and making pralines. For molding bonbon shells, you may need to add a little cacao butter for chocolate with low fluidity. Around 5% cocoa butter is usually adequate. VARIETY INFO FLUIDITY INGREDIENTS Uganda 72% Tones off banana bread, orange & cinnamon cocoa beans, cane sugar Peru 72% Tones of rose, litchi fruit & pepper cocoa beans, cane sugar Peru 85% Tones of rose, litchi fruit & pepper cocoa beans, cane sugar Tanzania 74% Jammy notes of raisins, dried figs & cherries cocoa beans, cane sugar Judgment. Rope. 70% Nutty tones of nougat and fudge cocoa beans, cane sugar Dark milk 55% Tones of nut, honey & caramel cocoa beans, cane sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder Vegan mylk 54% vegan milk chocolate on coconut cocoa beans, cane sugar, coconut, cocoa butter White chocolate 34% Balanced White chocolate that elevates your creations cocoa butter, cane sugar, whole milk powder Vegan white chocolate 30% A vegan White chocolate on coconut cocoa butter, cane sugar, coconut  
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Baka hemma med fin ekologisk bakchoklad
Baking set for the chocolate lover
479 kr
A gift set or starter set for the baking enthusiast. - Grated & tempered craft chocolate 500g for making desserts and bonbons (70% Dominican Republic) - A dark chocolate bar 50g (70% Dominican Republic) to break into luxurious chocolate chip cookies - Lightly roasted cacao nibs 80g - Natural non-alkalized cacao powder, single origin from Uganda 220g
Hela kakaobönor rostade av Svenska Kakao
Roasted cacao beans 250g
79 kr
Roasted cacao beans in bag. Sustainably grown single origin cacao beans from the Dominican Republic. Lightly roasted beans that can be a both a healthy snack and a natural energy boost. Eat as it is or crush and peel off the thin husk to sprinkle over porridge, ice cream or smoothies Or try making chocolate. Grind to a paste and add sugar and mix in a food processor. Spread out and let set. Note. Do not grind in a coffee grinder. Can be used as ceremonial cacao.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ceremonial Chocolate

Heavy metals in chocolate

It is not unusual for people to have questions about the presence of heavy metals in the cocoa used to make chocolate. Especially in the ceremonial chocolate production. We use cocoa beans from the producer Kokoa Kamili in Tanzania. A trust-building aspect is that all their cocoa undergoes continuous testing

Despite this, the issue of heavy metals, especially cadmium, is an important and topical issue that often recurs within the chocolate industry. With increased awareness of potential health risks associated with heavy metal levels in food, it is important to understand and monitor these aspects. If you want to know more, we can recommend a program that our industry colleague, Greg D'Alesandre from Dandelion Chocolate participated in, where he dived deep into this exciting question:

Natural cocoa - non-alkalized cocoa

Cocoa powder is the dry substance that remains after pressing the chocolate and extracting the cocoa fat. If you do nothing with it, you get a so-called natural cocoa powder. You can also chemically process the powder to get an alkalized cocoa powder, which is the most common variant in the trade.

Natural cocoa powder thus remains untreated and retains its natural character. It is characterized by a lighter brown color and has a lower pH level. Because it does not undergo alkaline treatment, it retains more properties from the cocoa itself, resulting in a more distinct flavor in desserts or drinks.

The alkalized cocoa powder , also called Dutch Processed, has undergone a treatment where an alkali solution is added. This process raises the pH level and reduces the acidity, resulting in a darker color - from deep reddish brown to almost black. The level of acidity and color varies depending on the degree of alkalization applied. Alkalized cocoa powder is often used to give chocolate products a smoother taste and to reduce the natural acidity in the cocoa.

What is Raw Chocolate?

All chocolate has reached temperatures above 40 degrees during the fermentation process of the cocoa beans. Without fermentation, you cannot produce chocolate. This makes the term "raw chocolate" strictly non-existent by definition. However, you can choose to roast the cocoa beans after fermentation and drying.

There are chocolates made from unroasted cocoa, also known as "unroasted" or "virgin chocolate".

In our chocolate, the cocoa beans are lightly roasted to preserve the lighter flavors found in the cocoa. The degree of roasting significantly affects the taste of the chocolate, and how hard you roast your cocoa depends on the chocolatier's personal preferences and style. Just like in the coffee world, there are different degrees of roasting, from light roast to medium roast and sometimes really hard roasted varieties.

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