Find appreciated gifts for customers and employees

Customer gifts? Christmas presents for the staff? Send a beautiful gift box with handmade pralines from Österlen.

Tell me what you need.


Ett utskicksförsök per adress ingår i priset ovan. 

Vid retur pga leveranshinder (ex. att mottagaren inte varit på plats) eller att fel adress angivits kommer vi fakturera vidare eventuella kostnader för returen. 

Ni kan välja att skicka ut paketet på nytt antingen till mottagaren eller till er företagsadress. Vi debiterar då en ny fraktkostnad per adress. 

Last minute help

Sometimes you are out at the last minute and need a quick gift solution. Click the button to fill out our emergency request . We then need a little more information but try to find a quick alternative based on time, budget and what we have in stock that can be sent directly.


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Corporate gifts & gifts for employees

Are you looking for a nice corporate gift for customers or a present for employees?

Showing appreciation is always important no matter what it's about. It is of great importance to show your employees, co-workers, customers, partners, friends or suppliers that you care about them, regardless of the occasion. At Svenska Kakao, we offer the opportunity to order corporate gifts and corporate gifts for your employees, staff, customers and partners online via our website or by contacting our dedicated chocolate consultant. We have a wide range of corporate gifts and gifts for all occasions. Whether you're looking for a gift or present that includes licorice, chocolate, candy or confectionery, we've got what you need. You can have the gifts and presents delivered directly to your employees or order them to the company's address!

We deliver directly to home or to the company

Regardless of whether you need to give one or a thousand corporate gifts or corporate gifts, we have the solution for you. We have the right range of gifts with chocolate, licorice, sweets and confectionery. In addition, we have the knowledge and experience required to be able to deliver what you want. We have a large selection of ready-made gifts and presents for Christmas, summer, Easter, birthdays or any day of the year. You can choose from our ready-made and beautiful chocolate packages, chocolate boxes, candy boxes, candy boxes, licorice boxes or luxurious chocolate boxes. If you prefer, we can also tailor a corporate gift to your wishes.

How do you order company gifts and corporate gifts for your employees?

At Svenska Kakao, we are experts in gifts and presents for companies to their employees, customers, staff, partners and suppliers. When you are thinking of sending out a nice corporate gift or corporate gift, contact us as soon as possible so that we can give you a tailor-made proposal with lovely chocolate, licorice and confectionery. All of our licorice, chocolate, candy and confectionary corporate gifts and corporate gifts are of the highest quality, and we also offer gluten-free and vegan chocolate packages for those who wish. We make all our chocolate by hand at our factory in Österlen, and we can guarantee that our corporate gifts are of the absolute best quality. Because who doesn't love to receive a lovely company gift or company gift with good chocolate, licorice, sweets or confectionery.

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