Bean to bar - a craft chocolate made in Sweden

We embark on expeditions to origin countries in search of unique cocoa. During our travels, we meet with cocoa growers and forge long-term relationships with our producers. The cocoa beans are then transported in sacks to our small factory in Österlen.

Our starting point is always the cocoa beans themselves. We seek out cocoa beans with distinct and natural flavors, and our goal is to bring out these notes in the chocolate we produce. This is why we add minimal ingredients and roast the beans extremely lightly. We uphold high standards and refuse to take shortcuts, making for a more refined and luxurious taste experience.

We are committed to protecting all unique varieties of cocoa in the world, as well as ensuring the financial security of cocoa farmers. These are two of the main reasons why we have chosen not to certify our chocolate. Instead, we guarantee fair and sustainable conditions by having a direct contact with aour producers and ensuring we always use cocoa without pesecides. You can read more about our philosophy and take part in our sourcing reports, where we share more information about the cocoa producers we buy from.


We prioritize developing strong, lasting relationships with our cocoa growers. We believe in the value of personally visiting these producers whenever possible to promote quality, sustainability, and positive interactions. We create annual sourcing reports to provide our customers with greater transparency into the growth and handling of the cocoa used in their chocolate.

Kokoa Kamili


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Ucayali River Cacao


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Semuliki Forest Cacao


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Öko Caribe

Dominican Republic

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