- Chocolate cakes, fine chocolate boxes with truffles, chocolate pralines & confectionery -

A mixture of lovely sweets from the chocolate factory in Österlen. Gifts for different occasions. Treat yourself to some everyday luxury or why not give as a gift? Delivery time 1-3 days. Order today.

Syltad ingefära i mörk choklad - Klassisk konfekt
Pickled ginger 0.5kg - Gourmet pack
449 kr 590 kr
Pickled sticks of ginger that we dipped in our delicious, dark artisanal chocolate with a cocoa content of 70%. This is a genuine artisanal product where the slightly sweet and spicy from the ginger is combined with the creamy sweetness from the chocolate. In our range of loose chocolate, we focus solely on the product. The same high quality, the same chocolate product but with a simpler package that contains more and at a lower price. These candied ginger bars are supplied in a cellophane bag weighing 500 grams.
Chokladkonfekt apelsinchoklad av Svenska Kakao
Pickled orange peels 0.5kg - Gourmet pack
449 kr 590 kr
Sweet shredded orange peels that have been candied and then dipped in our delicious dark artisan chocolate with a 70% cocoa content. This is genuine craftsmanship where the bittersweetness of the orange peel is combined with the creamy taste of the dark chocolate. In our range of chocolates in bulk, the focus is on the product alone. Same quality, same chocolate product but delivered in a simple package with a larger quantity and a lower price. These candied oranges are packed in a 500 gram cellophane bag.
storpack hantverkschoklad single origin bean to bar från Österlen kollektionsbox med chokladkakor utan omslag
Chocolate bars without wrappers - Gourmet pack
900 kr 1 180 kr
In our range of bean to bar chocolate, we have everything from 100% dark craft chocolate without sugar to 70% chocolate from different origins. In addition, we also have flavored bars such as chocolate with sea salt, dark milk chocolate with licorice, coffee and cinnamon bun or our bestseller, Coconut milk - a vegan milk chocolate.  In our range of chocolates in gourmet pack, the focus is on the product alone. Same quality, same chocolate product but delivered in a simple package with a larger quantity and a lower price. You get these chocolate bars wrapped in individual cellophane bags and delivered in a protective box. The lid can be removed and the box then functions as a chocolate stand in your cool and dark pantry, where the chocolate is preferably stored. Please note that you can only choose one variety per box. Weight: 50 grams/bar, 1 kg per box. A total of 20 bars.
Fin ekologisk bakchoklad
Baking and drinking chocolate 500g
249 kr
Discover our collection of Swedish-made baking chocolate for the professional home baker or the conscious bonbon maker. The chocolate is also excellent for preparing a more luxurious hot chocolate. (Can be used as ceremonial cacao ). Choose from several different varieties and origins. As always with our products, we do not add extra cacao butter to the original dark chocolate and never soy lecithin or vanilla. We believe in letting the chocolate's natural flavor come through and let it lift your pastries and chocolates to a new flavor level. The chocolate is tempered and grated and delivered in a resealable bag of 500 grams. Perfect quality chocolate for baking and making pralines. For molding bonbon shells, you may need to add a little cacao butter for chocolate with low fluidity. Around 5% cocoa butter is usually adequate. VARIETY INFO FLUIDITY INGREDIENTS Uganda 72% Tones off banana bread, orange & cinnamon cocoa beans, cane sugar Peru 72% Tones of rose, litchi fruit & pepper cocoa beans, cane sugar Peru 85% Tones of rose, litchi fruit & pepper cocoa beans, cane sugar Tanzania 74% Jammy notes of raisins, dried figs & cherries cocoa beans, cane sugar Judgment. Rope. 70% Nutty tones of nougat and fudge cocoa beans, cane sugar Dark milk 55% Tones of nut, honey & caramel cocoa beans, cane sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder Vegan mylk 54% vegan milk chocolate on coconut cocoa beans, cane sugar, coconut, cocoa butter White chocolate 34% Balanced White chocolate that elevates your creations cocoa butter, cane sugar, whole milk powder Vegan white chocolate 30% A vegan White chocolate on coconut cocoa butter, cane sugar, coconut  
Sold out
Andrasortering och chokladfynd från Svenska Kakao
Bonbons, confectionery, chocolate. Second sorting 250g
149 kr
Our second sorting is a customers favorite in our factory store. This chocolate needs to be eaten quickly. Preferably within a week. Here you get a large cellophane bag (250 grams) with pieces that have been crushed, have a short date, got the wrong decoration or have been edged or untempered on the surface. Bits that don't fit in the nice boxes but are still good to enjoy. It is a mixture of bonbons, chocolate confectionery and chocolate bars. All allergens are present and we have no possibility to select, change or account for what will be in the bag. But if you like this kind of thing, this is the chance to make a real bargain or discover something new.
Hela kakaobönor rostade av Svenska Kakao
Roasted cacao beans 250g
79 kr
Roasted cacao beans in bag. Sustainably grown single origin cacao beans from the Dominican Republic. Lightly roasted beans that can be a both a healthy snack and a natural energy boost. Eat as it is or crush and peel off the thin husk to sprinkle over porridge, ice cream or smoothies Or try making chocolate. Grind to a paste and add sugar and mix in a food processor. Spread out and let set. Note. Do not grind in a coffee grinder. Can be used as ceremonial cacao.
Lyxigt kakaote av kakaoskal Njut av kakaote från Österlen av Svenska Kakao
Cacao tea - Tea on cacao husk
69 kr
Cacao tea is a unique product that we make from the thin shells of the cacao beans, which are separated from the cacao bean after roasting. A fruity taste with a lot of depth and a wonderful aroma of cacao. Contains: roasted and crushed cacao husk in a cellophane bag Weight: 200 grams
Sold out
delikata kolor i choklad
Special price! A bag of delicate colors
99 kr
Treat yourself to a bag of the chocolate factory's best colors! Soft, creamy and absolutely wonderful. Available in limited edition for probably a short time. The bag contains: 3 x pralines Salted caramel in milk chocolate 3 x pralines Licorice school in milk chocolate 3 x pralines Vanilla chocolate in dark chocolate.
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