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Jordnötskola - tre bars med mjuk smörkola i en presentask. Jordnötter och kakaonibs. Jordnötskola - tre bars med mjuk smörkola i en presentask. Smörkola, jordnötter, kakaonibs och ljus choklad
Peanut caramel - three bars of soft butter caramel in a gift box 89 kr 120 kr
A soft lovely world-class peanut school. Nothing tough that you break your teeth on. We have mixed this particular caramel with peanuts and cocoa nibs, dipped in milk chocolate and topped with even more chopped peanuts. The gift box contains three chocolate bars, wrapped in tissue paper and silk ribbon. Weight: 135 grams Ingredients: Sugar, cream, peanut, cocoa beans, butter, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, sea salt. Contains beef & milk. May contain traces of eggs Nutritional value: Energy kJ 1913/Energy kcal463 Fat 30 g, of which saturated 16 g, carbohydrate 43 g, of which sugar 41 g, protein 5 g, salt 0.2 g
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Praliner i påse - andrasortering 250g Svenska Kakao AB
Pralines, confectionery, chocolate in bag - second assortment 250g 149 kr
Our second sorting is a crowd favorite in our factory store. This chocolate needs to be eaten quickly. Preferably within a week or so. Here you get a large cellophane bag (250 grams) with pieces that have been crushed, have a short date, the wrong symbol, have been edged or mistempered on the surface. Bits that don't fit in the nice boxes but are still good. It is a mixture of pralines, chocolate confectionery and chocolate cookies. All allergens are present and we have no possibility to select, opt out or account for what will be in the bag. But if you like it, this is the chance to make a real clip or discover something new.
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Chokladsnacks. En energiboost med ovanligt goda chokladkombinatoner. nachos och choklad? Lakrits och choklad? Solrosfrön och pumpafrön i choklad? Eller varför inte cashew och kokos i choklad? Av Svenska Kakao Snac choc! mjölkchoklad med lakrits och cashewnötter Svenska Kakao
The Snac Pac - our popular bags of chocolate flakes 179 kr 196 kr
We developed this range of chocolate snacks after we ourselves got tired of the range of similar products in airports and supermarkets. The ones we saw contained unnecessary additives and were made from poor quality raw materials. That was the prelude to the founding of SnacChoc! Good ingredients, good combinations and a clean ingredient list. The combination of all our addictive Snac Choc! - bags. - Nachos & sea salt - Cashew nuts & licorice - Coconut flakes & Cashew nuts - Pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds & sea salt The perfect snack to boost your energy after exercise, something sweet for the long drive or simply a piece of chocolate after your meal? Weight: 80 grams per bag (4 x bags in this kit)
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Our entire collection of chocolate bars - 13 bars Kollektionsbox - mörk choklad bean to bar 20 chokladkakor - Svenska Kakao
Our entire collection of chocolate bars - 13 bars 699 kr 767 kr
Discover our entire collection of chocolate cakes at a favorable package price. You get thirteen chocolate bars in a box. A perfect gift for the chocolate lover or why not for a chocolate tasting at home. Weight: 50 grams/cake. A total of 13 cookies.
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Seasonal special: 4 x Bars of dark chocolate with nuts
Seasonal special: 4 x Bars of dark chocolate with nuts 80 kr
Our bars, which are otherwise only available in our factory store, can now be ordered online during the Christmas season. You get four bars in a cellophane bag. Dark chocolate (70%) with pecans, hazelnuts and cranberries Weight: about 55 grams/bar
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storpack hantverkschoklad single origin bean to bar från Österlen Kollektionsbox - mörk choklad bean to bar 20 chokladkakor - Svenska Kakao
Chocolate cookies without cover - Gourmet pack 900 kr 1 180 kr
In our range of bean to bar chocolate, we have everything from 100% dark craft chocolate without sugar to chocolate around 70% from different origins. In addition, we can also boast popular flavorings such as chocolate with sea salt, dark milk chocolate with licorice, coffee and cinnamon bun or our bestseller, Coconut milk - a vegan milk chocolate on coconut. In our range of chocolates in bulk, the focus is on the product alone. Same quality, same chocolate product but delivered in a simple package with a larger quantity and a lower price. You get these chocolate bars wrapped in individual cellophane bags and delivered in a protective box. The lid can be removed and the box then functions as a chocolate stand in your cool and dark pantry, where the chocolate thrives. Please note that you can only choose one variety per box. Weight: 50 grams/cake, 1 kg per box. A total of 20 cookies.
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Vegansk chokladprovning. Perfekt chokladprovningskit för veganer med vegansk mjölkchoklad och mörk choklad. Testa kakaobönor som också medföljer kitet.
Chocolate Tasting Kit - Vegan Chocolate 349 kr 399 kr
Gather work colleagues, a group of friends or why not the whole family for a chocolate tasting with real chocolate from different origins. This tasting kit includes six chocolate bars from the very darkest 100% to vegan mylk chocolate from different origins and roasted cocoa beans. You also get our fact sheet: Little chocolate school. The kit fits 2-6 people, depending on how big the pieces are distributed. The types of chocolate included: 100% Darkness from Tanzania 90% from Uganda 74% from Tanzania 72% from Peru 70% from the Dominican Republic 54% Coconut Milk dark chocolate from the Dominican Republic
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kanderade apelsiner i mörk choklad tillverkad för hand på Österlen
Pickled orange peels 0.5kg - Gourmet pack 349 kr 490 kr
Sweet shredded orange peels that have been candied and then dipped in our delicious dark artisan chocolate with a 70% cocoa content. This is genuine craftsmanship where the bittersweetness of the orange peel is combined with the creamy taste of the dark chocolate. In our range of chocolates in bulk, the focus is on the product alone. Same quality, same chocolate product but delivered in a simple package with a larger quantity and a lower price. These candied oranges are packed in a 500 gram cellophane bag.
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kanderad ingefära doppad i mörk choklad. en hälsosam njutning tillverkad på Österlen
Candied ginger 0.5kg - Gourmet pack 349 kr 490 kr
Candied bars of ginger that we dipped in our delicious dark artisanal chocolate with a cocoa content of 70%. This is a genuine artisanal product where the slightly sweet and spicy from the ginger is combined with the creamy sweetness from the chocolate. In our range of loose chocolate, we focus solely on the product. The same high quality, the same chocolate product but with a simpler package that contains more and at a lower price. These candied ginger bars are supplied in a cellophane bag weighing 500 grams.


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