Gifts for Father's Day

The Swedish Father's Day is on November 12th 2023 and is dedicated to all fathers and father figures. We have curated our best gift ideas for Father's Day with gifts that we think will be appreciated by dads. How about a box of handmade chocolates from Österlen? Send it with a handwritten greeting card and a beautiful gift wrapping.


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Award-winning chocolates made by hand in our small factory in Österlen.



Choklad till pappa på fars dag. Mörk choklad och pralinask. Allt tillverkat för hand på Österlen. Chokladbud till brevlåda: Världens bästa Pappa Svenska Kakao
Chocolate delivery - gift box of bonbons for Dad and Cardamom flavored chocolate bar 219 kr
A chocolate gift box especially for dad. Contains a beautiful gift box with ten selected artisan bonbons dedicated to dad. In addition, a dark chocolate flavored with aromatic cardamom 71%.
En presentask med praliner till pappa på farsdag - Svenska Kakao Pralinask till världens bästa Pappa! - 10 praliner Pralines Svenska Kakao
Bonbon gift box "Father" - 10 bonbons 169 kr
An assortment of our most appreciated bonbons. A beautiful gift box with  handmade bonbons enrobed in dark chocolate and milk chocolate  Contents: 1 x Apple Cake - Local apples with a pinch of cinnamon and vanilla 1 x New York Cheesecake - Creamy cream cheese with  lemon zest. 1 x Strawberry cake - Locally grown strawberries from Eriksgården 1 x Raspberries - Locally grown raspberries from Eriksgården 1 x Licorice - Italian raw licorice 1 x Three types of chili - Arbol, Pasillo and Chipotle from Mexico 1 x Sea salt - Nordic Sea Salt 1 x Sea buckthorn - Locally grown buckthorn from Fruemöllan 1 x Rosemary - Aromatic rosemary from Österlenkryddor 1 x Coconut/Ginger - Freshly grated ginger and flakes of coconut Weight: 100 grams  
Ovanligt goda praliner, handgjorda och vackert förpackade i en presentask med sidenban. Allt tillverkas bean to bar i vår fabrik på Österlen-Svenska Kakao Ovanligt goda praliner från Österlenchoklad. Skicka ett chokladogram på fars dag. Den perfekta presenten till pappa. Tillverkat för hand på Österlen av Svenska Kakao
Father's Day deluxe grande - 48 bonbons in a beautiful gift box. 599 kr
Discover our most exclusive chocolate box with 48 artisan bonbons made in our small chocolate factory in Österlen. The perfect gift to give a dad on Father's Day. This large box of bonbons contains a selection of the most popular handcrafted chocolate delights in our collection. Each bonbon in this box is handmade by our experienced chocolatiers and each piece is a taste experience out of the ordinary. The chocolates are delivered in a stylish gift box with a silk ribbon around it. Do not forget to add a gift wrap as well as a personal handwritten greeting on a beautiful card. Order now and give dad an unforgettable chocolate experience on Father's Day. Weight: 480 grams
En presentask med 24 handgjorda praliner från Österlen. Skicka ett chokladogram som en annorlunda och uppskattad present på fars dag. En annorlunda present till pappa på fars dag. Skicka din farsdag-present med hemleverans direkt till pappan.
Father's Day deluxe - 24 handmade chocolate bonbons in a gift box 349 kr
Chocolate delivery to dad on November 12th? Celebrate Father's Day with our exclusive gift box containing 24 handmade bonbons in different flavours. Elegantly decorated with a navy silk ribbon, this gift box is the perfect gift for someone you want to show appreciation for. Each bonbon is carefully selected and handcrafted to offer a high-quality taste experience. The box includes a mix of classic and innovative flavors and each bonbon is created with care by our experienced chocolatiers to ensure a unique taste experience. This gift box is an elegant and memorable gift that is perfect for showing your appreciation on Father's Day. Order now and surprise your dad with an extra luxurious gift on Father's Day. Weight: 240 grams
present till fars dag den 12 november 2023. En lyxig sk med praliner som skickas hem till pappans brevlåda. Ovanligt goda praliner handgjorda på vår fabrik på Österlen. Den perfekta presenten på fars dag.
Father's Day - gift box with ribbon 12 bonbons 189 kr
Looking for a gift for Dad on Father's Day? Order a luxurious box of bonbons online. Celebrate a father and send our exclusive gift box containing 12 handmade bonbons in different flavours. Elegantly decorated with a dark blue silk ribbon, this gift box is the perfect gift for a father figure you love. Each bonbon is carefully selected and handcrafted to offer a high-quality taste experience. This gift box is an elegant and memorable gift that is perfect for showing your appreciation on Father's Day. Order now and surprise your dad with this exclusive gift that combines craftsmanship and a flavorful experience. Weight: 120 grams
Chokladkaka - Bourbon Aged choklad 72% Chocolate bar Svenska Kakao Whiskey och choklad. En kombination av båda får du i vår mörka choklad i  Bourbon. Tillverkad bean to bar av Svenska Kakao
Bourbon Whiskey Dark Chocolate 72% 59 kr
The cacao beans have been aged in bourbon whiskey before we made the chocolate for this limited edition. The taste of bourbon whiskey is embedded in the chocolate's natural notes of honey and orange.  We buy the cacao beans for the chocolate from the producer Semuliki Forest Cacao, who buys freshly harvested cocoa at a premium price from more than 1,000 farmers, most of whom are women. Region/Manufacturer: Uganda, Semuliki Forest Cacao Bean Type: Local varieties of Trinitario and Amelonado Harvest year: 2022 Ingredients: Cocoa beans, sugar, bourbon whiskey Weight: 50 grams
Digital gift card
Digital gift card from 100 kr
The perfect gift when you want to let the recipient choose what they want as a present. A digital gift card can be delivered when you wish or immediately. SEND AS A GIFT? Choose to send the gift card as a gift and enter your greeting, a suitable motif, when you want the card to be sent and through which social channels. The gift cards are delivered via email with instructions on how to use them.  
Lakritschoklad. Mjölkchoklad och lakrits samt nougat och lakrits. Ett chokladogram för lakritsälskaren. Chokladbud till brevlåda: Lakrits duo Other chocolate products Svenska Kakao
Chocolate delivery - Licorice truffles & Licorice chocolate bar 219 kr
A chocolate treat for the licorice lover. Our gift box with irresistible pieces of hazelnut truffles in licorice and our chocolate bar with milk chocolate and Italian licorice. An unbeatable duo.  
Presentask med ovanligt goda praliner från Österlenchoklad. Presenask med extra mycket kärlek. Chokladkaka Dark Milk från Svenska Kakao Chokladbud till brevlåda: Kärlek med mjölkchoklad Svenska Kakao
Chocolate delivery - Gift box bonbons "Love" with milk chocolate 219 kr
A beautiful gift box with delicious bonbons made in our factory in Österlen. The  box contains 10 artisanal bonbons paired together with our Dark Milk 55% chocolate bar that we made from cacao beans from the Dominican Republic.  
Chocolate delivery - Gift box bonbons Chokladbud till brevlåda: Kärlek Svenska Kakao
Chocolate delivery - Gift box bonbons "Love" with dark chocolate bar, Peru 72% 219 kr
A loving gift set. Our gift box with 10 delicious bonbons together with a dark chocolate (72%) that we made from cacao beans from Peru.   
Praliner i mörk choklad samt chokladkaka i mörk choklad 72% - Svenska Kakao Hantverkspraliner från Österlen
Chocolate delivery - Gift box with dark chocolate & chocolate bar Uganda 72% 219 kr
The chocolate offer for those who like dark chocolate. Our classic gift box with 10 popular bonbons with dark chocolate and our dark chocolate bar (72%) that we made from cacao beans from Uganda.
En pralinlåda med hantverkspraliner. Ovanligt goda praliner. Här i kombination med mörk choklad havssalt. Havssaltet kommer från Läsö. Allt tillverkas på vår fabrik på Österlen av Svenska Kakao. En ask med mörka hantverkspraliner. Skicka ett chokladogram med ovanligt goda praliner till chokladälskaren.
Chocolate delivery - Gift box "Congratulations" with craft chocolate bonbons and dark chocolate with sea salt 219 kr
Congratulate someone with this chocolate gift consisting of artisan bonbons from our factory in Österlen paired with our dark chocolate with the taste of Nordic sea salt from Läsö. A beautiful and appreciated chocolate gift.  
Mjölkchoklad med lakrits och krämig lakritskola. En vinnande duo för lakrits och chokladälskaren. En ask med laklritskola är alltid en uppskattad present. Äkta råvaror, utan tillsatser. Tillverkat för hand på Österlen
Chocolate delivery - Licorice caramels and chocolate bar Licorice 219 kr
A smooth, creamy liquorice caramel. Made with real licorice from Italy and with real ingredients here at our factory in Österlen. Together with our popular licorice-flavoured chocolate bar.  
Choklad med smak av kaffe och kanelbulle. Krämig, mjuk vaniljkola i en vacker presentask. Leverera en fikastund till någon som du tycker om Tillverkat för hand på Österlen av Svenska Kakao Den lenaste och krämigaste vaniljkolan tillverkas på Österlen av Svenska Kakao.
Chocolate delivery - Vanilla caramels and Chocolate bar flavored with coffee and cinnamon bun 219 kr
A chocolate coffee break?  In this gift set you get everything that belongs to a classic Swedish coffee break. Creamy pieces of vanilla caramels enrobed in dark chocolate paired with our most popular chocolate bar flavored with coffee and cinnamon.  
Vanilla caramels, large box of bonbons and chocolate bark thins. Vanilla caramels, large box of bonbons and chocolate bark thins.
Vanilla caramels, large box of bonbons and chocolate bark thins. 549 kr
The perfect chocolate gift that has all the components. Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, caramels and artisan bonbons. This gift set includes: - Beautiful gift box with creamy vanilla caramels 10 pieces - Gift box with 24 craft bonbons  - Snac Choc - Chocolate bark thins with the flavor of cashew nuts and licorice - Snac Choc - Chocolate bark thins with the flavor of cashew nuts and coconut All products are made by hand by us in Österlen.
Ge bort ett år av choklad med denna fantastiska chokladprenumeration där mottagaren får en lyxig chokladlåda till brevlådan varje månad under ett helt år. Chokladprenumeration på månadens chokladlåda. En unik chokladprodukt i brevlådan varje månad
A year of chocolate. Subscribe to the chocolate box of the month - (12 months) 2 599 kr
A year of chocolate. 12 months with 12 deliveries of luxurious chocolate. Including shipping. 12 months of craft chocolates. Every month, an exclusive chocolate delivery is delivered to your or the recipient's home with a chocolate product from our ordinary and our seasonal collection. A box of artisan bonbons, soft caramels enrobed in chocolate, hazelnut truffles, chocolate bars, Christmas chocolates, Easter chocolates... And the occasional unique products that is only available to subscribers. We promise a year of everyday luxury at a favorable price (subscription value approx. SEK 2,700) Note. Allergens (NUTS, ALMOND, PISTACHIO, HAZELNUT, PECAN, EGGS, MILK) are included and cannot be adapted.


Reieve a complimentary chocolate gift with your first order. As a member, you will get first hand news before everyone else when we release exclusive launches such as this year's advent calendar. You get access to a private Black Friday sale and other benefits that only apply to subscribers.

What can you give dad on Father's Day?

Father's Day is a time to celebrate and recognize the special dads in our lives, and we have the perfect way to do it. The most common is perhaps to send a flower, but we think that chocolate can be a more fun and appreciated alternative. Our Father's Day gift boxes are created with care and love, containing unique chocolate gifts that will melt his heart. To make it even more personal, you can customize your Father's Day gift with different products that allow you to express your appreciation in your own way.

Our collection includes tasty chocolate experiences such as chocolate tastings or chocolate subscriptions that are perfect for adding a golden edge to Father's Day. Our premium chocolate collections offer a selection of different flavors and textures, providing a varied and exciting chocolate journey.

When you shop with us, you're not only choosing a high-quality chocolate experience, but also supporting local craftsmanship. Our chocolate is made with pride and care in Österlen, and we always strive to use local ingredients whenever possible.

To make your gift even more memorable, we also offer Father's Day cards that complement your chocolate gift in a beautiful way. Whether you're looking for a gift for dad or a beloved father figure, we've got something that will make Father's Day special.

And if you have a hard time choosing, you can always send a gift card instead, so dad can order exactly what he wants. Great as a last minute gift for Father's Day.

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