From cocoa bean to chocolate

We go on expeditions to cacao origins in search of unique cacao. Under the shade of the cacao trees, we meet the growers and create long-term relationships. Bags of beans then travel to our small factory in Österlen.

Our starting point is always cacao beans. Beans with natural and unique flavors where our job is to bring out these notes in the chocolate we make. Therefore, we add minimal ingredients and roast the beans extremely light. Uncompromising and without any shortcuts. For a more luxurious and genuine taste experience.

We protect all world-unique varieties of cacao and the financial security of the cacao farmers, two reasons why we chose not to certify our chocolate. After our sourcing journeys, we are convinced that it is the right way to go. Instead, we ensure sustainability, fair trade and organic production in other ways. Read more below about our philosophy and our sourcing reports where we tell you more about the producers we buy our cacao from.

Cacao producers

We value close and long-term collaborations with our growers. We prioritize visiting our cacao producers when we have the opportunity to ensure quality, sustainability and good relations. We prepare our sourcing reports annually so that you as a customer can gain more insight into how the cacao in your chocolate was grown and processed.

Kokoa Kamili


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Ucayali River Cacao


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Semuliki Forest Cacao


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Öko Caribe

Dominican Republic

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