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What to buy for Christmas gifts? The question that recurs every year. We have the answer. A good Christmas present that can be appreciated by many, shared by many and also suitable for those who already have everything. We've rounded up the best Christmas gift ideas for 2023. How about a chocolate tasting kit? Or a chocolate subscription for a whole year? Maybe it's a box of creamy colors in Christmas flavor that applies or luxurious truffles? Scroll down for all the tips from our concierge at the chocolate factory.


All of this year's Christmas kits and advent calendars are collected here. With us you will find the best Christmas gifts for everyone in your vicinity that you hold dear.

Let us inspire you with Christmas gift ideas in chocolate and delicacies. Here you can find your Christmas kits, Christmas boxes and products online in peace and quiet, without stress.

Are you unsure which pat is the best fit? Get tips and consult with our chocolate concierge to help you secure the treats under the tree.

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Chokladbud med lakritschoklad Chokladbud med lyxiga tryfflar i presentask
Chocolate delivery - Licorice truffles & Licorice chocolate bar
219 kr
A chocolate treat for the licorice lover. Our gift box with irresistible pieces of hazelnut truffles in licorice and our chocolate bar with milk chocolate and Italian licorice. An unbeatable duo.  
Chokladbud en svensk fika chokladbud med chokladkaka kaffe och kanelbulle
Chocolate delivery - Vanilla caramels and Chocolate bar flavored with coffee and cinnamon bun
219 kr
A chocolate coffee break?  In this gift set you get everything that belongs to a classic Swedish coffee break. Creamy pieces of vanilla caramels enrobed in dark chocolate paired with our most popular chocolate bar flavored with coffee and cinnamon.  
Klassisk konfekt kanderad ingefära i choklad kanderad ingefära i fin mörk choklad
Candied ginger in dark chocolate
59 kr
A mild, soft and balanced ginger candied and enrobed in our dark craft chocolate. It feels both like a sweet treat as well as a  healthy treat. Regardless, it's a customer favorite.    One package contains approximately 50 grams.  
Syltade apelsinskal i fin mörk choklad Klassisk konfekt - Syltade apelsinskal i mörk choklad
Candied orange peels in dark chocolate
59 kr
A classic. Candied orange peels enrobed in delicious dark chocolate. The slightly bittersweet combined with a creamy dark chocolate. This unbeatable combination contains only orange, sugar and chocolate.    One package contains approximately 50 grams.  
Choklad som present med tryfflar praliner och mörk choklad Exklusiva praliner i vacker chokladask
Vanilla caramels, large box of bonbons and chocolate bark thins.
549 kr
The perfect chocolate gift that has all the components. Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, caramels and artisan bonbons. This gift set includes: - Beautiful gift box with creamy vanilla caramels 10 pieces - Gift box with 24 craft bonbons  - Snac Choc - Chocolate bark thins with the flavor of cashew nuts and licorice - Snac Choc - Chocolate bark thins with the flavor of cashew nuts and coconut All products are made by hand by us in Österlen.
Chokladbud med extra mörk choklad Chokladbud med premium chokladkakor
Chocolate delivery - Extra dark chocolate x 3: Peru 85%, Uganda 90%, Tanzania 100%
169 kr
For the chocolate lover who appreciates really dark chocolate, we have a gift set of three chocolate bars with a high cacao content. Darkness 100%, a dark chocolate made from cacao beans from Tanzania, completely without sugar. Two more dark chocolate bars are included in the gift package, Uganda 90% and Peru 85%.  
Chokladbud för lakritsälskare Chokladbud med lakritskolor
Chocolate delivery - Licorice caramels and chocolate bar Licorice
219 kr
A smooth, creamy liquorice caramel. Made with real licorice from Italy and with real ingredients here at our factory in Österlen. Together with our popular licorice-flavoured chocolate bar.  
Fin premiumchoklad med kardemumma Kardemummachoklad av Svenska Kakao
Chocolate cake with cardamom flavor - Dark chocolate 71%
59 kr
Like biting into a cardamom bun. A dark chocolate with some added cardamom.  Weight: 50 grams   Region/Manufacturer: Dominican Republic, Öko Caribe Bean Type: Criollo, Trinitarian & Nacional Harvest year: 2022 Ingredients: Cacao beans, sugar, cardamom  
Fin mörk choklad med bourbon whiskey bean to bar choklad Svenska Kakao
Bourbon Whiskey Dark Chocolate Cake 72%
59 kr
The cacao beans have been aged in bourbon whiskey before we made the chocolate for this limited edition. The taste of bourbon whiskey is embedded in the chocolate's natural notes of honey and orange.  We buy the cacao beans for the chocolate from the producer Semuliki Forest Cacao, who buys freshly harvested cocoa at a premium price from more than 1,000 farmers, most of whom are women. Region/Manufacturer: Uganda, Semuliki Forest Cacao Bean Type: Local varieties of Trinitario and Amelonado Harvest year: 2022 Ingredients: Cocoa beans, sugar, bourbon whiskey Weight: 50 grams
Lyxig varm choklad på mörk choklad Gör varm choklad på finchoklad från Svenska Kakao
Hot chocolate on cocoa from the Dominican Republic 70%
129 kr
The chocolate factory's own signature blend. Our popular drinking chocolate made from grated 70% single origin chocolate from the Dominican Republic mixed with the perfect amount of organic cane sugar from Brazilian Native. Mix with any warm milk and enjoy. Click here for our popular recipe for luxury hot chocolate Contains: cocoa beans, sugar May contain traces of NUT & MILK Weight: 250 grams     Nutritional value per 100 g Energy..2148 kJ/ 514 kcal, Fat..........................29.3 g, of which saturated fat.....17 .8 g Carbohydrate................51.5g, of which sugars..47 g Protein......................5.9 g, Salt...................... .........0 g
Chokladkit med chokladkakor fin choklad kollektionsbox från Svenska Kakao
Our entire collection of chocolate bars - 13 bars
699 kr 767 kr
Discover our entire collection of chocolate bars at a favorable package price. You get thirteen chocolate bars in a box. A perfect gift for the chocolate lover or why not for a chocolate tasting at home. Weight: 50 grams/bar. A total of 13 bars.
Ovanligt goda lakritskolor i pralinask Lakritskolor i presentask från Svenska Kakao
Soft liquorice caramels in milk chocolate - Gift box
169 kr
Our liquorice caramel is soft and creamy, made from scratch using the highest quality ingredients. It is gently enrobed in our own signature chocolate for a truly unique taste. Enjoy a genuine craftsmanship. In the box: 10 x Licorice caramel pralines Content: Sugar, cream, cocoa butter, licorice, butter, whole milk powder, cocoa beans, sea salt. May contain traces of beef & egg.
Kola i choklad. Presentask prima saltkola Delikata kolapraliner med salt
Gift box with soft salted caramel in fine chocolate
169 kr
Our caramel is soft and creamy, made from scratch using the highest quality ingredients. It is hand cut and carefully enrobed in milk chocolate. Enjoy a genuine craftsmanship. In the box: 10 x salted caramel pralines Content: Sugar, cream, cocoa butter, butter, whole milk powder, cocoa beans, sea salt. May contain traces of beef & egg.
kolor i choklad - vaniljkola delikatess gourmet kola
Gift box with colors in fine dark chocolate and real vanilla
169 kr
Our vanilla caramel is soft and creamy, made from scratch using the highest quality ingredients. It is made with real vanilla and carefully hand cut and enrobed in smooth dark chocolate. Enjoy a genuine craftsmanship from Österlen. In the box: 10 x vanilla chocolate caramels Content: Sugar, cream, cocoa beans, butter, cocoa butter, real vanilla. May contain traces of beef & egg.
Lyxigt kakaote av kakaoskal Njut av kakaote från Österlen av Svenska Kakao
Cacao tea - Tea on cacao husk
69 kr
Cacao tea is a unique product that we make from the thin shells of the cacao beans, which are separated from the cacao bean after roasting. A fruity taste with a lot of depth and a wonderful aroma of cacao. Contains: roasted and crushed cacao husk in a cellophane bag Weight: 200 grams
Presentask med chokladtryfflar och sidenband Fina chokladpraliner i klassisk presentask
A classic gift box with 10 artisan bonbons
169 kr
Our classic signature box with 10 artisan bonbons where we curate an assortment according to the season. A mix of both dark and milk chocolate pralines. Perfect as a gift for someone or why not treat yourself to some everyday luxury? Also available as a subscription. Weight: 100 grams Allergens: Contains nuts, eggs & milk Shelf life: 4-8 weeks    
Påskchoklad present med tryfflar och praliner Påskpresent - chokladkit med lyxiga tryfflar
Gourmet gift - gift package with chocolate, nougat and candied orange peel
599 kr
Creamy pieces of hazelnut truffles, candied orange peels dipped in dark chocolate, our deliciously hand made chocolate bar, single origin from Tanzania, a large box of bonbons with 24 selected pieces. Treat yourself or a friend to a truly luxurious chocolate gift. Artisanal chocolate made by hand in our small factory in Österlen. Delivered beautifully wrapped in silk ribbon. Why not add our gift wrapping service for 35 sek and have the package wrapped with a handwritten greeting card. The package includes: 1 x gift box with 15 pieces of creamy hazelnut truffles 1 x cellophane bag with candied orange peels in dark chocolate 1 x chocolate bar, single origin Tanzania 74% 1 x gift box with 24 bonbons  
Påskpresent med fin choklad Påskchoklad och påskpraliner
For the chocolate lover - dark chocolate, bonbons and chocolate bark thins
349 kr
Two of our most appreciated dark chocolate bars, a gift box with artisan bonbons and our personal favorite, Snac Choc! Thin chocolate bark in milk chocolate with pieces of tortilla chips and nordic sea salt. A truly luxurious gift for yourself or someone you care about. The package contains: 1 x Gift box of artisanal bonbons with silk ribbon 1 x Dark chocolate bar, single origin Tanzania 74% 1 x Dark chocolate bar, single origin Uganda 72% 1 x Snac Choc! Nachos & sea salt
Lakritspresent med lakritschoklad
Chocolate and Licorice - the ultimate licorice package for the licorice lover.
440 kr
The ultimate licorice package for those who love licorice and especially the combination of licorice and chocolate! Our selection of licorice chocolates is the perfect way to treat yourself or surprise someone special with a unique taste journey into the world of licorice. All our licorice chocolate is made from our own bean to bar chocolate in combination with raw Italian licorice from Calabria. Soft creamy licorice chocolate dipped in light milk chocolate Our really soft and creamy liquorice school, which is dipped in light milk chocolate, is a heavenly taste sensation. It combines the full flavor of licorice with the smooth sweetness of light milk chocolate. A sweet that is hard to resist. Licorice dusted hazelnut truffles Our licorice-dusted hazelnut truffles are a perfect balance between creaminess and nuttiness. Licorice powder gives a subtle touch to the smooth hazelnut truffles made from the finest hazelnuts from Italian Piedmont. Talk Choc! Chocolate flakes with cashew nuts, sea salt and licorice Our chocolate flakes combine the crunch of cashew nuts with a touch of sea salt and the characteristic taste of licorice. These morsels of delight are encased in high quality chocolate and are the perfect combination of sweet and salty. Bean to bar chocolate cake with milk chocolate and Italian licorice from Calabria Our bean to bar chocolate cake is created with care from start to finish. We use only the finest cocoa beans to create this quality chocolate. The Italian licorice from Calabria gives a distinct flavor that puts this chocolate cake in a class of its own. Whether you are a chocolate and licorice lover or looking for the perfect gift for someone who appreciates the unusual and the exclusive, our chocolate kit with licorice chocolate products is the ultimate taste experience. Order your kit today and explore the world of flavors in a whole new way. Welcome to a taste sensation that is as unique as it is unforgettable.


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