Experience a unique taste sensation with 100% raw licorice chocolate. Order liquorice caramels, hazelnut truffles, chocolate bars, and bonbons today.

Lakritspresent med lakritschoklad
Chocolate and Licorice - the ultimate licorice package for the licorice lover. 440 kr
The ultimate licorice package for those who love licorice and especially the combination of licorice and chocolate! Our selection of licorice chocolates is the perfect way to treat yourself or surprise someone special with a unique taste journey into the world of licorice. All our licorice chocolate is made from our own bean to bar chocolate in combination with raw Italian licorice from Calabria. Soft creamy licorice chocolate dipped in light milk chocolate Our really soft and creamy liquorice school, which is dipped in light milk chocolate, is a heavenly taste sensation. It combines the full flavor of licorice with the smooth sweetness of light milk chocolate. A sweet that is hard to resist. Licorice dusted hazelnut truffles Our licorice-dusted hazelnut truffles are a perfect balance between creaminess and nuttiness. Licorice powder gives a subtle touch to the smooth hazelnut truffles made from the finest hazelnuts from Italian Piedmont. Talk Choc! Chocolate flakes with cashew nuts, sea salt and licorice Our chocolate flakes combine the crunch of cashew nuts with a touch of sea salt and the characteristic taste of licorice. These morsels of delight are encased in high quality chocolate and are the perfect combination of sweet and salty. Bean to bar chocolate cake with milk chocolate and Italian licorice from Calabria Our bean to bar chocolate cake is created with care from start to finish. We use only the finest cocoa beans to create this quality chocolate. The Italian licorice from Calabria gives a distinct flavor that puts this chocolate cake in a class of its own. Whether you are a chocolate and licorice lover or looking for the perfect gift for someone who appreciates the unusual and the exclusive, our chocolate kit with licorice chocolate products is the ultimate taste experience. Order your kit today and explore the world of flavors in a whole new way. Welcome to a taste sensation that is as unique as it is unforgettable.
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Licorice chocolate - milk chocolate and Italian licorice 59 kr
A dark milk chocolate (55%) to which we have added sweet-salty Italian raw licorice from Calabria. A chocolate with creamy notes of honey and nuts where the licorice emerges strongly towards the end. Weight: 50 grams The beans in this chocolate come from the producer Öko Caribe in the Duarte region of ​​the Dominican Republic. Region/Manufacturer: Dominican Republic, Öko Caribe Bean Type: Criollo, Trinitarian & Nacional Harvest year: 2022 Ingredients: Cocoa beans, sugar, milk powder, cocoa butter, licorice  
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Creamy hazelnut truffles in licorice - gift box 169 kr
Luxurious pieces of hazelnut truffles, dusted in Italian licorice. What can we say. This might be the best gianduja we've made...and tasted. We can't stop eating it ourselves when we've made a batch here at the factory. The hazelnuts are world class. Directly imported from Piedmont, Italy. Weight: 95 grams
Ovanligt goda lakritskolor i pralinask Lakritskolor i presentask från Svenska Kakao
Soft liquorice caramels in milk chocolate - Gift box 169 kr
Our liquorice caramel is soft and creamy, made from scratch using the highest quality ingredients. It is gently enrobed in our own signature chocolate for a truly unique taste. Enjoy a genuine craftsmanship. In the box: 10 x Licorice caramel pralines Content: Sugar, cream, cocoa butter, licorice, butter, whole milk powder, cocoa beans, sea salt. May contain traces of beef & egg.
Snac Choc! Milk chocolate, licorice and cashew nuts
Snac Choc! Milk chocolate, licorice and cashew nuts 49 kr
Milk chocolate bark mixed with licorice & cashew nuts. An addictive combination with a distinct licorice flavor. Snac Choc! is the ultimate snack. It tastes so good that you can't help but eat it all at once. The bags contain breakable bark thins of artisanal chocolate that have been mixed with different flavor combinations Weight: 80 grams
Nyttiga chokladsnacks i olika varianter Nyttigt snacks med mörk choklad och frön
The Snac Pac - our popular bags of chocolate bark thins 179 kr 196 kr
We developed this range of chocolate snacks after numerous travels where we got tired of the range of similar products in airports and supermarkets. The ones we saw contained unnecessary additives and were made from poor quality chocolate and ingredients. This was the backgrund to SnacChoc! Good ingredients, tasty combinations and a clean ingredient list. The combination of all our delicious Snac Choc! - bags. - Nachos & sea salt - Cashew nuts & licorice - Coconut flakes & Cashew nuts - Pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds & sea salt The perfect snack to boost your energy after exercise, something sweet for the long drive or simply a piece of chocolate after your meal?   Weight: 80 grams per bag (4 x bags in this kit)
Krämiga tryfflar i kakao chokladask med lyxiga tryfflar
Creamy hazelnut gianduja truffles - gift box 169 kr
Pieces of hazelnut truffles, dusted in cacao. What can we say. This might be the best gianduja truffles we've made...and tasted. We can't stop eating it ourselves when we've made a batch here at the factory. The hazelnuts are world class. Directly imported from Piedmont in Italy. And the cacao beans as always sourced from some of the best producers in the world.  Weight: 95 grams
Chokladbud för lakritsälskare Chokladbud med lakritskolor
Chocolate delivery - Licorice caramels and chocolate bar Licorice 219 kr
A smooth, creamy liquorice caramel. Made with real licorice from Italy and with real ingredients here at our factory in Österlen. Together with our popular licorice-flavoured chocolate bar.  
Chokladbud med lakritschoklad Chokladbud med lyxiga tryfflar i presentask
Chocolate delivery - Licorice truffles & Licorice chocolate bar 219 kr
A chocolate treat for the licorice lover. Our gift box with irresistible pieces of hazelnut truffles in licorice and our chocolate bar with milk chocolate and Italian licorice. An unbeatable duo.  
Chokladbud med fin mjölkchoklad Tre mjölkchokladkakor från Svenska Kakao
Chocolate delivery - Milk Chocolate x 3: Coconut, Licorice, Dark Milk 169 kr
A chocolate treat for those who love milk chocolate. In this package we have combined our three milk chocolate bars: Dark Milk 55%, Milk chocolate flavored with Licorice 55% and Coconut Milk 54%.  
Presentask med lyxiga tryfflar i nougat chokladtryfflar från Svenska Kakao
Gift box with hazelnut gianduja duo - cacao & licorice 329 kr
Contains: Hazelnut gianduja truffles with cocoa powder x 1 Hazelnut gianduja truffles with licorice x 1 This package contains a box of our gianduja truffles powdered in cacao and a box of gianduja truffles powdered in licorice. What can we say. This might be the best nougat we've made...and tasted. We can't stop eating it ourselves when we've made a batch here at the factory. The hazelnuts are world class. Directly imported from Piedmont in Italy. Weight: 95 x 2 grams

Buy chocolate with licorice from us

Our licorice chocolate products are a perfect combination of sweet and salty that you don't want to miss. We use 100% italian natural licorice in our production, which gives a genuine and deep licorice flavor that is hard to resist.

Licorice root is originally from dry climates such as around the Mediterranean, China, Iran and some parts of North America and Australia. It is a shrub with long roots that is harvested every three years to be used in the manufacture of licorice. The licorice root is ground and boiled to extract licorice extract.

Raw licorice is a pure natural product extracted from the licorice root. It is 100% licorice and has a naturally bitter-sweet taste, thanks to the natural substance glycyrrhizic acid. There is no added sugar in raw licorice.

Our range of licorice chocolate products is varied and offers something for all licorice lovers. We have chocolate cakes with licorice, licorice chocolate in milk chocolate, hazelnut truffles dusted with licorice , chocolate flan with licorice and cashew nuts and pralines with creamy licorice ganache . Choose your favorite and enjoy the unique taste of licorice chocolate. Shop with us today and experience the unbeatable combination of chocolate and licorice.

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