About Swedish Cocoa

It all started in the summer of 2013. The vacation that never ended.
A short coffee break during a summer holiday in Österlen ended in the purchase of Skåne-Tranå's old village school from 1893. Three months later, Ulrika & Fredrik Bergenkrans founded the chocolate company Svenska Kakao and became one of the pioneers of Nordic craft chocolate (bean to bar chocolate). Even today, crafting chocolate from cacao beans is a unique way to make chocolate and only a handful of manufacturers exist in the Nordics.

Ulrika & Fredrik travel around to various cacao producers in the world to choose the very best produce for their chocolate. This makes Svenska Kakao's chocolate unique. The cacao beans as well as the producers are carefully selected to include aspects such as exceptional quality, sustainability, transparency, fair pricing and extraordinary taste. With a small team of skilled chocolatiers, everything is made from scratch in the small Österlen factory, in the Swedish countryside.

Over the years, Svenska Kakao's chocolate has won several prizes in international competitions and has been served in Michelin starred restaurants, appreciated by renowned pastry chefs as well as represented in well-known department stores in cities like Tokyo, Paris and Berlin. Today you can find their range of chocolate products in 15 countries and in selected shops and department stores in Sweden.

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