The summer of 2013. The vacation that never ended. What we thought would be a brief stop for a cup of coffee in a small village in Österlen was the biggest change in our lives. Instead of buying coffee, we left our busy city lives in Stockholm bought a huge 19th-century red brick school building, and moved to the countryside. Three months later we founded Svenska Kakao, one of the first craft chocolate, bean-to-bar factories, in Sweden.

Six years later, we were one of the first bean-to-bonbon makers in the Nordics using our chocolate for all of our confectionary. The bonbons are made with a lot of local ingredients grown around us and go under the brand of Österlenchoklad.

The flavor made us fall in love with chocolate from the start. But after we learned more about cacao varieties, fermentation, roasting, and all other flavor-impacting stages of the process, that's when we knew we had to start a chocolate factory.

Our aim was and still is to make chocolate from cacao varieties with naturally extraordinary flavors. For us, the added emulsifiers, extra fat, and vanilla that are common practice in traditional and commercial chocolate often get in the way of experiencing the pure taste of the cacao.

We want to add a different perspective on what chocolate can be in terms of flavor and together with the global craft chocolate movement we source cacao in an honest, sustainable, and transparent way. Step by step we are working together as a community to change the chocolate industry and we hope you want to join us.

Stay sweet
//Fredrik & Ulrika







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