A semla, a cream bun, a delicious crowd favorite is back. Cardamom foam and almond mass at the bottom. Available as a limited edition in the factory store for a short time to come. Call to put away: 041720125


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Award-winning chocolates made by hand in our small factory in Österlen.


Fat Tuesday is a Swedish tradition that is celebrated on February 13. It's a day to celebrate with semlo, a sweet cake filled with cream and almond paste. Semlor is part of Swedish culture and has a long history dating back to the Middle Ages. To prepare a semla, you need a recipe, dough, filling and baking. The recipe for semlor is simple and consists of wheat flour, yeast, sugar, butter, milk and salt. The filling usually consists of cream and almond paste. If you are vegan, you can make vegan rolls with vegan cream and almond paste.

We have created our own version of the semlan by recreating the flavors in a praline. Semmel praline. Our variant consists of a self-made almond mass without unnecessary additives. Cardamom has been added to that and dipped in smooth milk chocolate that we made bean to bar here in our factory in Österlen. Our roll praline captures the flavors of a roll but can also be enjoyed by those who cannot tolerate gluten. A luxurious variant of gluten-free semla.

Released in a limited edition. Take the opportunity to order your gift box with semmel pralines today.

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