8 tips for activities with children during the sports holiday at Österlen

8 tips på aktiviteter med barn under sportlovet på Österlen

The sports holiday is a great time to spend with the family and create memories together. If you plan to spend your free time in Österlen with your children, there are many activities to choose from. Here are 8 tips on what you can do during the sports holiday at Österlen with your children.

  1. Chocolate tasting at Österlenchoklad

One of the most popular activities in Österlen is chocolate tasting at Österlenchoklad. Take your children to the chocolate factory where you can try different types of chocolate and learn about the manufacturing process.

  1. Ales rocks

Visit Ale's stones with your children and explore Sweden's own Stonehenge. Here you can learn about the history behind this mysterious place and experience the fantastic view of the sea.

  1. The playground at Eriksgården

Eriksgården has a large playground where the children can have fun and play during the sports holiday. The playground is designed for children of all ages and has different types of play equipment.

  1. Sandhammer's beach

Take a walk on Sandhammaren's beach with your children and experience the beautiful nature of Österlen. The beach is known for its high sand dunes and crystal clear waters.

  1. Coffee at Olof Viktors

Olof Viktors is a popular café in Österlen. Bring your kids here and try their delicious pastries, buns, sourdough bread and shrimp sandwiches. Fiket has a cozy atmosphere that makes it a perfect place to relax.

  1. Have lunch at Jord & bord

Jord & Bord is a restaurant that serves food made from local ingredients. Bring your children here and try their delicious simple lunches that are full of flavors from Österlen.

  1. Shop for craft brushes at Borstakongen in Onslunda

Visit the Brush King and let your children experience how artisan brushes are made. Here you can buy high-quality brushes made by local craftsmen.

8. Have a coffee, eat a pizza and enjoy Sweden's best croissants at Örum119

You land at this place after a walk by Kåseberga and Ale's stones. Munch on a sourdough pizza, buy home (in our opinion) Sweden's best croissants and buy something beautiful in their interior design store. And they have artisanal ice cream too.

In conclusion, Österlen is a great place to visit during the sports holiday with your children. You can try chocolate, explore historical places, play on the playground, enjoy nature, have coffee at cozy cafes and restaurants and buy handicraft products. So what are you waiting for? Take your children on an unforgettable trip to Österlen during the sports holiday!

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