Konstrunda at Österlen during the Easter weekend: Discover unique art, crafts and a chocolate sculpture.

Missa inte påsken och konstrundan på Österlen. Den alternativa konstrundan till ÖSKG. Missa inte chokladskulpturen på Österlenchoklad.

Are you ready for an Easter weekend full of art and creativity? Then a construction tour at Österlen in Skåne is the perfect choice for you! Österlen is known for its picturesque villages, coastal landscape and artist community. During the Easter weekend, many artists and galleries open their doors to the public. 

First enjoy a fortifying chocolate coffee and buy some good travel food with you to have energy for the rest of the day. Maybe you're enjoying a cup of hot chocolate in the spring sun or maybe doing a chocolate tasting with the whole family as a break in the middle of all the art viewing. 

As you know, ÖSKG arranges the official art tour, but we have our personal favorites and snack places that we always visit. Here are some tips on what you don't want to miss during your construction tour of Österlen:

  1. The Supreme Court 
  2. Håkan Berg's studio in Maglehem
  3. Olseröd Art Gallery
  4. The factory in Bästekille 
  5. Kivik Art Center
  6. Designer and visual artist Mats Theselius design store in Löderup
  7. Karel Becvar's sculpture garden in Löderup
  8. Elna Karin Helgeson's ceramics studio - 912 Kåseberga

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