Celebrate midsummer with strawberry cake

The pralines with a delicate combination of sweet strawberries from our local berry grower and creamy cream. Just like a classic strawberry cake. The perfect way to celebrate and enjoy the Midsummer holiday together with friends and family.


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Award-winning chocolates made by hand in our small factory in Österlen.

Chokladbud till brevlåda - hantverkspraliner och en chokladkaka Svenska Kakao Chokladbud till brevlåda - Mors dag de luxe: praliner och chokladkaka Svenska Kakao
Chocolate delivery - Large gift box with luxurious bonbons and Dark Milk chocolate bar
399 kr
One of our most luxurious chocolate gift sets. 24 delicious bonbons in a beautiful gift box paired with another bestseller, Dark Milk 55%, our creamy craft milk chocolate. 
Chokladbud för att säga tack Chokladbud med chokladpraliner tack
Chocolate delivery - Gift box with bonbons "Thank you" & chocolate bar with cardamom
219 kr
The chocolate gift for occasions where a thank you is in order. 10 artisan bonbons in our "Thank you" gift box with our cardamom flavored chocolate bar.
Chokladbud för kärlek och romantiska gåvor Chokladbud med mjölkchoklad
Chocolate delivery - Gift box bonbons "Love" with milk chocolate bar
219 kr
A beautiful gift box with delicious bonbons made in our factory in Österlen. The  box contains 10 artisanal bonbons paired together with our Dark Milk 55% chocolate bar that we made from cacao beans from the Dominican Republic.  
Chokladbud för gratulationer med fin choklad Eleganta praliner i vacker presentask
Chocolate delivery - Gift box "Congratulations" with craft chocolate bonbons and dark chocolate with sea salt
219 kr
Congratulate someone with this chocolate gift consisting of artisan bonbons from our factory in Österlen paired with our dark chocolate with the taste of Nordic sea salt from Läsö. A beautiful and appreciated chocolate gift.  
Pralin Deluxe Grande - Exklusiv chokladask som present En ask med handgjorda tryfflar tillverkade på Österlen
Chocolate delivery - Praline Deluxe Grande
349 kr
An exclusive bonbon box to give away. 24 handmade chocolate bonbon in a beautiful gift box with a silk ribbon. The bonbon flavors include flavors from both the regular collection as well as seasonal flavors. Weight: 240 grams
Chokladbud med chokladfabrikens praliner Chokladbud från chokladfabriken på Österlen
Chocolate delivery - Gift box The factory's favorite bonbons with dark chocolate Peru 72%
219 kr
A gift box with an assortment of our factory's best-selling bonbons together with a dark 72% chocolate bar that we made with cacao beans from Peru.   
Chokladbud för att säga grattis Chokladbud pralinask grattis
Chocolate delivery - Gift box bonbons "Congratulations" and dark chocolate Tanzania 74%
219 kr
The perfect gift when you want to congratulate someone. A chocolate gift box that contains 10 artisan bonbons and a dark chocolate bar, Tanzania 74% that we made bean to bar here at the factory.
vegansk fin choklad som present chokladbud med veganska chokladkakor
Chocolate delivery - Vegan chocolate bars: Coconut milk, Cardamom, Peru 72%
169 kr
A chocolate set with three vegan chocolate bars. A vegan milk chocolate - Coconut Milk 54%, a dark chocolate bar 72% made with cacao beans from Peru and a dark chocolate bar flavored with aromatic Cardamom .  
Chokladask med praliner jordgubbstårta praliner med färska jordgubbar
Bonbons with strawberry cake flavor - 12 pieces
189 kr
A taste of Swedish summer. Perfect for celebrating National Day or Midsummer. A new classic for the dessert table. Imagine that perfect strawberry cake. Creamy, velvety & filled with freshly picked strawberries. Just the right balance between cream and berries. Now imagine the combination as a bonbon, enrobed in smooth milk chocolate. In the gift box: 12 x Strawberry Cake Flavor Bonbons - Made from fresh (locally grown) strawberries, fresh cream and real vanilla. Net weight: 120 grams  
Sold out
Chokladbud med lakritschoklad Chokladbud med lyxiga tryfflar i presentask
Chocolate delivery - Licorice truffles & Licorice chocolate bar
219 kr
A chocolate treat for the licorice lover. Our gift box with irresistible pieces of hazelnut truffles in licorice and our chocolate bar with milk chocolate and Italian licorice. An unbeatable duo.  
Chokladbud för lakritsälskare Chokladbud med lakritskolor
Chocolate delivery - Licorice caramels and chocolate bar Licorice
219 kr
A smooth, creamy liquorice caramel. Made with real licorice from Italy and with real ingredients here at our factory in Österlen. Together with our popular licorice-flavoured chocolate bar.  
Chokladprovning med olika single origin choklad. Mörk choklad 70% från olika ursprung. hantverkschoklad från Sverige. Svensk Bean to bar.
Chocolate Tasting Kit - Classic
399 kr
Gather the group of friends or the family for a chocolate tasting. The tasting kit includes five chocolate bars from different origins, roasted cacao beans and cacao nibs You also get our fact sheet (in Swedish): Chocolate School The tasting kit is perfect for 2-6 people, depending on how big the pieces are distributed. The types of chocolate included: 100% Darkness from Tanzania 74% from Tanzania 72% from Uganda 72% from Peru 70% from the Dominican Republic
Chokladbud med fin mjölkchoklad Tre mjölkchokladkakor från Svenska Kakao
Chocolate delivery - Milk Chocolate x 3: Coconut, Licorice, Dark Milk
169 kr
A chocolate treat for those who love milk chocolate. In this package we have combined our three milk chocolate bars: Dark Milk 55%, Milk chocolate flavored with Licorice 55% and Coconut Milk 54%.  
Chokladbud en svensk fika chokladbud med chokladkaka kaffe och kanelbulle
Chocolate delivery - Vanilla caramels and Chocolate bar flavored with coffee and cinnamon bun
219 kr
A chocolate coffee break?  In this gift set you get everything that belongs to a classic Swedish coffee break. Creamy pieces of vanilla caramels enrobed in dark chocolate paired with our most popular chocolate bar flavored with coffee and cinnamon.  
Mörk chokladprovning hemma
Chocolate Tasting Kit - Extra Dark Chocolate
349 kr
Gather your friends, colleagues or family for a chocolate tasting with extra dark chocolate. The tasting kit includes five extra dark chocolate bars from different origins and a bag of roasted cacao beans. You also get our fact sheet: Lilla chokladskolan (In Swedish only) The kit fits 2-6 people, depending on how big the pieces are distributed. The types of chocolate included: 100% Darkness from Tanzania 90% from Uganda 85% from Peru 74% from Tanzania 70% from the Dominican Republic
Chokladbud med fin chokladask och mörk choklad
Chocolate delivery - Small luxurious box of bonbons and dark chocolate with sea salt
245 kr
Congratulate someone with this chocolate gift consisting of artisan bonbons from our factory in Österlen as well as our dark chocolate flavored with sea salt from Läsö. A beautiful and appreciated chocolate gift.  
Presentask med chokladpraliner stort grattis Hantverkspraliner som grattisgåva
Bonbon gift box "Congratulation" - 10 bonbons
169 kr
An assortment of our most appreciated bonbons. A beautiful gift box with  handmade bonbons enrobed in dark chocolate and milk chocolate  Contents: 1 x Apple Cake - Local apples with a pinch of cinnamon and vanilla 1 x New York Cheesecake - Creamy cream cheese with  lemon zest. 1 x Strawberry cake - Locally grown strawberries from Eriksgården 1 x Raspberries - Locally grown raspberries from Eriksgården 1 x Licorice - Italian raw licorice 1 x Three types of chili - Arbol, Pasillo and Chipotle from Mexico 1 x Sea salt - Nordic Sea Salt 1 x Sea buckthorn - Locally grown buckthorn from Fruemöllan 1 x Rosemary - Aromatic rosemary from Österlenkryddor 1 x Coconut/Ginger - Freshly grated ginger and flakes of coconut Weight: 100 grams        
Presentask praliner äpplekaka
Apple cake flavored bonbons - 12 pieces
189 kr
Discover our enchanting Apple Cake bonbons – a taste experience that will take you on a journey back to your childhood kitchen, where the smell of freshly baked apple cake filled the air. This delicacy is artistically created with care and craftsmanship to capture every nuance of the beloved taste. We are launching this praline box exclusively in our factory store as well as in limited edition online. In the gift box: 12 x artisan bonbons with Apple Cake flavor - Made from local apples, cinnamon, fresh cream and real vanilla. Gluten free Net weight: 120 grams  

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A new classic on the midsummer table?

Midsummer, a Swedish tradition that comes from the northern European custom of celebrating the vegetation of spring and can be traced all the way back to the 16th century. A breaking point for the working year in the old farming community and now a holiday to mark the arrival of summer. It is a day when many Swedes gather to celebrate together and enjoy all that this day has to offer.

Part of the celebration involves traditional midsummer food with classics such as herring, fresh potatoes, Jansson's nubbe and, of course, freshly picked Swedish strawberries. Preferably as they are, with cream and side dishes or why not in a cream cake.

We want to introduce a new classic, pralines with the flavor of strawberry cake. We manufacture these pralines here at our factory in Österlen in Skåne. We use locally grown strawberries from the nearby Eriksgården and combine with cream and vanilla. Just like in a classic strawberry cake. But our version is also suitable for those who cannot tolerate gluten.

They are perfect to enjoy on Midsummer's Eve with friends and family. A new classic, we would like to claim.

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