Visit Österlen - our 20 best insider tips & donut places

What would a summer be without a visit to Österlen. This fantastic landscape that surrounds our chocolate factory offers crafts, nature experiences and culinary experiences.

After ten years at Österlen, we want to share our best insider tips and scrumptious places. We certainly hope to see you at the factory soon! Enjoy!

// Ulrika & Fredrik founders of Svenska Kakao AB

Besök Österlen - våra 20 bästa insidertips & smultronställen


  1. Coffee/Shop/Ice cream: Österlenchoklad - Of course, you cannot visit Österlen without visiting our chocolate cafe with shop. Insider tip: Do your own chocolate tasting in the café. If the weather is nice, borrow a picnic blanket and settle down on the back lawn with a cup of hot or cold chocolate. Don't miss the apple cake flavored praline or the new browned butter flavored praline. The cream buns and chocolate sponge cakes are also crowd favourites, which sell out quickly. 
  2. Stay/Eat: Talldungens gårdshotell - For a glass of wine, a dinner but most of all the fantastic breakfast in an Eastern Tuscany!
  3. Live/Shopping/Eating/Coffee/Ice Cream: Örum 119 - Here you can sleep well, eat well, enjoy really really good ice cream (frozen joy) and shop for beautiful things, but our hubby is woken up to the freshly baked croissants at 08.00 when the bakery opens. 
  4. Art: Håkan Berg in Maglehem - Don't miss it. A painting will accompany you home from Håkan's beautiful studio. 
  5. Shop: The brush factory in Onslunda - Here we find and buy brushes for all occasions in life. 
  6. Shop: Kåseberga farm - In a tin shed in the middle of the farms, you can buy organic fruit and vegetables for the evening's dinner. 
  7. Shop: Systrarna Lindskogs - A cute little market garden that has the most exquisite cut flowers and Gitte ties the most delightful bouquets.
  8. Nature: Sandhammaren - Hagestad Nature Reserve - Knäbäckshusen - Three fantastic beaches that will make you move here for good.
  9. Nature: Ale's rocks - Go here early in the morning to experience the sunrise with a cup of coffee. If you are a surfer, you have a good surfing beach  down in Kåseberga. 
  10. Eat: Pastafabriken - book a table is the tip. But you leave the place with a good pasta dish in your stomach. 
  11. Eat: Köpmansgatan 6 - A slightly hidden oasis in the middle of Borrby. Simple menu in beautiful garden.
  12. Eat / Ice cream: Hörte Brygga - Host a detour with good food, good wines and now also ice cream.
  13. Eat: Österlenburg - A good burger. Kind of the best in Österlen. Exactly what you want. 
  14. Shopping/ Coffee: Åberg's garden - Take a walk in a dreamy oasis. Enjoy flaunting peach trees, hollyhocks, herbs, greenhouses 
  15. Art: Rikstolvan - be inspired by an impressive exhibition and enjoy what the kitchen has to offer.
  16. Shopping/ Ice cream: Österlenkryddor - Insider tip: don't miss buying loose lavender and their fantastic ice creams. 
  17. Shop: Bonalumi Bottlers, Österlensk Gin - Swing into a local system company and buy a souvenir home from the countryside. 
  18. Eat: The truffle pig in Kivik - A visit to our Italy in Österlen 
  19. Art/Shopping: Ceramics at 912 Kåseberga - Beautiful ceramic works in a nice exhibition environment. 
  20. Living/Shopping: TypeO - Experience a unique living space that breathes Scandinavian design with attention to detail. An equally beautiful webshop awakens a desire for handpicked products from all corners of the world.

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