Pralines - A craft from Österlen's chocolate factory

Bean-to-bar chokladupplevelse på Österlenchoklad i Skåne-Tranås

Welcome to Österlenchoklad in beautiful Skåne-Tranås, where we have been refining the art of craft pralines since 2004. With our own chocolate, which we proudly produce "bean to bar" from cocoa beans sourced from different corners of the world, we create unique chocolate experiences. But it's not just the chocolate itself that makes our pralines so irresistible – we also use local ingredients from nearby producers to enhance the flavors. With spices from Österlenkryddor, berries from Eriksgården, and locally produced specialties such as spit cake, apple must and sea buckthorn, we create flavor combinations that are unique to our region.

Every praline that leaves our factory is a work of art created by our skilled chocolatiers. By making them by hand with care and precision, we achieve a quality and taste that cannot be compared to mass-produced alternatives. You can even get a glimpse of our manufacturing process by visiting our factory during weekdays. Watching our chocolatiers make everything from chocolate to ganache is an experience in itself and gives you an insight into the care we put into each praline.

Our chocolates have received recognition at national and international level through several prestigious awards. With their unique flavor combinations and irresistible quality, they have become a must for tourists who visit Österlen every summer. Experiencing our chocolate factory and tasting our award-winning pralines will be a memorable part of your trip to the region.

We are proud to offer a variety of praline varieties to satisfy all taste buds. From rich and rich chocolate bases to fruity and spicy surprises - we have something for everyone. Whether you prefer a classic dark chocolate or a smooth milk chocolate, you will find your favorite among our range.

So hurry up and plan your visit to Österlenchoklad. Discover the magical journey of chocolate from cocoa beans to finished pralines and be fascinated by the craftsmanship behind each piece. Buying some chocolates as a souvenir is an obvious choice, so that you can enjoy the delicious taste even after you have left Österlen.

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